Waiting on the Waves

March 6th 2014

It was two years ago…March break, and I had the gift of a week spent in Hawaii with dear friends. In the quiet early morning on the balcony, I wrote these lines in my journal…



Sitting on the 36th floor of the Waikiki hotel, miles of blue-turquoise water in front of me. Listening to the constant break of the surf, watching expectant surfers waiting for the waves to come in.

Most of them are just rolling ripples this morning, as the sun is rising and touching the city with its light, silhouetting Diamond head which is a volcanic hill to my left. Oh! One just got up…a short ride and then back to waiting for the next wave.

So like waiting on life, needing to be ready, positioned, watching for the opportunities to come, ready to throw everything into ‘catching the wave.’ And all that waiting…so worth it when the power of the wave comes.

And my prayer is…

“Lord, help me to wait on You, on your power to work, on your goodness to bless, trusting that it WILL come, no matter how long the wait…able to rest and enjoy the moments, being in the right place for You to work, to move. Thank you that you don’t let go of me!”

March 7th, 2014

One day later…

This morning I joined the many expectant, waiting, surfers…LOTS of time waiting and missed opportunities…and then I got up! So rewarding! I didn’t want to give up without a good run in…and right after being thrown off a few times and missing it…I got it!

 And I pray…

Lord, Help me to learn it’s worth the wait, to trust in spite of failure and long delays. Thank you for the lessons you teach us everyday.