Pebbles…and Promises


The four of us were combing through the rocks…sliding our fingers through the pebbles, softened and smoothed by the weathering of wind and waves on a Nova Scotian beach. We were looking for glimmers of green, white, or brown sea glass…or just maybe (but so rare my sister-in-law informed us)…a red piece washed up on the shore. I stopped my searching for a few moments and looked around me. Taking the camera, I looked through the lens at the rocks…seeing them in a new light. Some drying in the warm August air…some wet from the sea spray…some green with algae flowing over their mottled surface. And all so beautiful.  Even a jagged heart, its edges smoothed out by the water and weather.

And some days I find myself combing so desperately for answers. The whys to the questions…the pain…the hurt…the disappointments…the losses of Life.

And sometimes I am so busy looking for the glimmers of green…or ever evasive red…that I miss the beauty in the weathered pebbles around me.

I discovered one of those ‘pebbles’ several years ago in the book of Hosea, and it has become a precious treasure to me. One that has been weathered…and found more beautiful as a result.

It’s a promise that God gave to His people Israel many years ago…a promise that He spoke again to my heart. And has reminded me of so many time since in the middle of dark Valleys.

“I will give her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor (Trouble) as a Door of Hope. And she will sing there as in the days of her youth…” Hosea 2:15


It sits in a vase on my dresser…a reminder of a promise made…and kept.  The promise that the valleys in our lives can become places of growth…of ‘vineyards’ that refresh and bring joy and new life. That the valleys can become the very doors to Hope…doors that open our eyes to see where our Hope really lies.

‘My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.’ Psalm 62:5

My Hope is in a God who wept along side  Mary and Martha at the loss of their brother. And today as I grieve for a friend who has lost something very precious…I am reminded of this song I wrote 2 years ago.

Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus,

Jesus groaned in His Spirit and was troubled,

He cared so much for the hearts of His dear daughters,

And I know He cares so much for me.


Jesus weeps when my heart inside is breaking,

Jesus weeps when the pain is all I see,

Jesus weeps when the darkness closes round me,

And I know He cares so much for me.


‘We needed you so much dear Lord, where were you?’

Martha’s cry came from her aching heart,

But I know dear Lord you still are able,

Bring your light and your love into this dark.


For you are good when my heart inside is breaking,

You are good when the pain is all I see,

You are good when the darkness closes round me,

And I know You care so much for me.’


Jesus said, ‘You now will see my glory,

In a way you never have before,

For your blessing it was that I was absent’, 

But my Love it never left your side.


For my Love fills up your heart that’s breaking,

For my Love is greater than your pain,

For my Love brings light into your darkness,

And my Love will always stay the same.


A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. Maya Angelou


One thought on “Pebbles…and Promises

  1. This is beautiful. I always bring rocks/stones home from my mini-retreats and destinations, and then sometimes forget which came from where – I am going to start writing on them something that reminds me of what I learned at that spot.
    Love you and your heart,


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